Meet Raven White: The Artist Who Created Our Exclusive Black Panther Poster

2016-08-15 01.21.44 1.jpg

For our Black Panther Event, we had the great opportunity to collaborate with artist, Raven (raveyrai) White, who created an exclusive Black Panther illustration for us - which you can see below. In addition to sharing her wonderful visual art skills with us, Raven had much to say about Black Panther, representation, and more in this interview. Check it out:

What does being a superhero mean to you?

Being a superhero, to me, is doing right by those who need help, even if it terrifies you (while having superpowers doesn't hurt either).

Why is Black Panther important to you?

Black Panther's important to me because I get to see ourselves in a way I don't normally get to see ourselves in media. We're the protagonists! We're everywhere! We're us. And we're extraordinary. I haven't seen it yet but I already feel like I can take on anything. Plus this will open the doors to seeing ourselves in other narratives and genres.


What inspired you to become an artist?

I was inspired to be an artist when I realized I can tell and show the stories I wanted to see. I tend to say, "I just want to create things I wish I had while growing up." That's been my mantra.


How important is representation to you as a Black woman artist?

Important, haha. And then add on that I'm nonbinary too? Whew. Representation has always mattered to me. It's affirming. It's validating. It tells you you exist and you can do it too. Sure, logically I know I'm here. And, sure, I can relate to any character that doesn't look like me, but there's something special and magical when they do. I've shed some ugly tears, it's that real and deep.

What’s your creative process?

My creative process is mainly a question presenting itself to me and my having to answer it. "What do I feel like making today?" "How do I draw that?" "How do I convey that character trait/action?" "How do I convey that they're in emotional pain or are physically strained?" That sort of thing. Then there's a lot of screaming whilst answering those questions creatively and visually.


What kind of advice would you give to aspiring, young Black artists?

Keep going. Create for you. Strive for done, not perfection. Be inspired by your peers without comparing yourself to them. Have fun and be willing to grow. 

You can find more of Raven's work at