Gaming Warriors: Our New eSports Video Game Scholarship Program

Surprise! Since spring, we've been hard at work developing a new initiative that we believe will carry our mission in new and exciting ways. With the success of our video game tournament at last year's Hero Nation Con and our Black Panther Event at the Ypsilanti Community High School, we wanted to take things to the next level. That said, we're excited to introduce our newest program, GAMING WARRIORS. 


Gaming Warriors is an eSports video game scholarship program with the mission to build an inclusive community of young gamers in Ypsilanti’s underprivileged communities through competitive leagues that cultivate educational and empowering experiences.

We want to be advocates for the advancement of youth learning in a really fun way while implementing important heroic and scholarly values. 

During this 16-day program, we’ll help students will develop valuable social-emotional skills such as leadership, mindfulness, empathy, and healthy sportspersonship, so they can grow into better people and better competitive gamers. We'll also teach them how to master DragonBall Fighter Z — a fighting game that features popular anime characters— through character analyses, defensive training, offensive training, and frame knowledge. 

We need help getting this program off the ground in time for our fall launch. 

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