Andre Batts


Andre L. Batts was born May 4, 1966. He grew on the west side of Detroit and had a strong bond with his family. But despite being so close, Batts’ love for comics made him unique among his siblings and peers. His favorite characters included Doctor Strange, the X-men and the Avengers. It was these comics that inspired Batts to teach himself how to draw. He would learn by looking at the colorful and dynamic panels in the books. After a while, Batts briefly retired his artistic interest despite still reading comics regularly. But as more comic shops left urban neighborhoods, Batts had to travel to the suburbs to find his favorite titles. For him, this seemed like a deliberate move to remove these significant pop culture markers from Detroit’s primarily African-American communities. Years later, Batts began studying the Medu Neter and all that was related to his African culture. This opened his eyes to the lack of African-American representation in comics, despite the high number of black comic readers. Batts realized a lot of comic stories stemmed from ancient African myths and spirituality, but were diluted to fit characters like Superman, the X-men and other Marvel and DC characters. Realizing this, he quickly went to work to create characters in his own likeness. His most popular being Dreadlocks, an African-American superhero Batts created in 1995, with a title released in 1996.

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