Arvell Jones 

Arvell Jones, Marvel and DC artist, will be a special guest at Hero Nation.

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Andre Batts

Andre Batts is an artist an the founder of Urban Style Comics

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InsideOut Literary Arts - Artists/Writers

InsideOut is Detroit's Largest and Oldest literary arts non profit, offering Writer in Residence and after school programs for k - 12 youth. By immersing students in the joy and power of poetry and literary self-expression, InsideOut inspires them to think broadly, create bravely and share their voices with the wider world.

Ed Williams  - Writer, Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Stories are powerful. They cross cultures and borders; open lines of communication between differing values and beliefs; and introduce us to new worlds, perspectives and most importantly, people. Our own stories are building up to the grand reveal of a much larger and expansive transmedia intellectual property. Comics are our starting medium and superheroes are the genre, but we won’t stop there.

1Up Gaming -Gaming/Entertainment Service

1 Up Gaming Lab is a unique experience for the Metro Detroit Area. Gaming is a fun activity at home for families and friends and has been for as long as we all can remember. 1UP Gaming Lab brings gaming to a whole new level. The Lab is a 32 ft. climate controlled theater equip with FOUR 55-inch High Definition T.V.’s covering the walls in front of custom stadium seats with built-in vibration motors synched to the action taking place on the screens, with speakers in front and sound bars behind our guest heads. 

We also have two 65-inch High Definition T.V.’s on the outside of the trailer underneath flip-out awnings (only available when weather permits). The Lab allows 24 gamers to play at the same time when the two outdoor T.V.s are available!  This is a perfect addition to ANY event where you will have guests of all ages!
The Lab has PS4’s Xbox One’s, Wii U’s and a way to play some retro games from classics like Nintendo and Sega Genesis, all with a “Game Coach” to provide help to anyone who needs it.

Alpha Amusements

We specialize in game sales, party rentals, and leasing to businesses. We have a huge inventory of arcade games, pinball machines, classic and vintage arcade games, driving simulators, juke boxes, pool tables, air hockey, dart boards, redemption games, and more!  We proudly serve Metro Detroit and all across the U.S.! Game on! 

M. Haynes - Writer

Armed with a few degrees (including a BA from Alcorn State University) and over fifteen years of writing experience, M. Haynes has set out to produce works that show that you don't have to be be blonde haired and blue eyed to be a superhero, nor do you have to even be all the way "good". He seeks to bring different experiences to the fantasy genre, and this is reflected in his ever popular "Elemental" series.

Teaologie LLC- Edutainment/Retail

Teaologie LLC is a tea Edutainment and retail company serving all communities in Southeast michigan and Northwest Ohio. Performing the tea ceremony, tasting cultural influences on tea, and sharing stories of how tea shaped cultures around the world set us apart from any other retailer. We source from all over the world, in an effort to build a sustainable, global community that ultimately provides customers with the highest quality loose leaf tea the world has to offer.

Miss NOKitty

Cute art for the Cute at Heart!! From Buttons and bags to prints and posters, Miss NOKitty is bound to have something for you!!! www.missnokitty.com

Go! Ice Cream

Go! Ice Cream is a small but quickly growing ice cream company on a mission to deliver flavor and adventure to our customers all around the Metro Detroit area. 

Mike Tre - Writer/Artist/Designer

After a year of promotional design work for EMU's Diversity & Community Involvement program, a year with Sky Bird Travel & Tours, and multiple collaborative and freelance projects, Mike developed a multitude of skills and knowledge with image-making, layouts, color, and typography as well as copywriting and social media management. He works in multiple mediums both digitally and physically and has designed posters, brochures, mailers, books, logos, animations, museum spaces, and web pages.

C. Patrick Jackson - Artist/Creator

C. Patrick Jackson is a local cartoonist and comic book artist in the Ypsilanti Area. The president and cofounder of Detroit Tradecraft- a comics creators group on facebook and offline and creator of FX Mulrooney Comic Series and owner of I Below Ground Productions LLC. Patrick has been taken creative courses from CCS continual education and is a graduate of the Comic Art Workshop ( ran by Arvell Jones and Keith Pollard).

Susan Hillwig - Writer

At the age of five, Susan Hillwig decided she wanted to be a cartoonist when she grew up. By her twenties, she realized she was a much better writer than an artist. Somewhere in between, she developed an unladylike obsession with comic books, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, and Westerns, as evidenced by her blog (susanhillwig.blogspot.com), and her occasional articles for the online ‘zine DC in the ‘80s (dcinthe80s.blogspot.ca/p/home-page.html). Swords & Sixguns: An Outlaw’s Tale is her first novel, with more to come. Go to her blog as well as facebook.com/SwordsAndSixguns for news about upcoming releases and appearances. Susan and her husband live in Michigan amongst a mountain of books, DVDs, and toys.

Show Timejamo

My name is Jamo Jones and I am a young and motivated Artist. My artist name is King Jamo Art [KJA]. I am 25 years of age. I started drawing at the age of 6. My grandmother taught me and I been loving it ever since. I draw all the time, but I mostly paint beautiful things; my style is elegant and I am a cartoonists. The painter that I look up to is the late Basqutat, his story is amazing. I hope I can accomplish what he has accomplished and more. For more information you can find me on Instagram: @itskja


VVednesdays is a comic artist / illustrator from Kaiserslautern, Germany, and currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. While growing up, they were known as "that person that was always drawing." Creating characters, and giving them life is their passion! Their focus is to spread happiness throughout the world and show the beauty of color, emotions, and creation with their artwork! Life is too short. Lets create our own happiness!

White Stag Workshop

I am currently a student and the University of Michigan and I am studying costume design. I love cosplaying, cooking, playing video games, hiking in the woods, and playing wacky games with my friends! I started making flower crowns for myself and my friends to add something cute to our cosplays! I made my first pair of simple paper mache antlers around this time as part of my Sherlock cosplay. I love creating these pieces, and custom requests are my favorite! I love taking a photograph reference, a sketch, or a careful description and turning it into exactly what the buyer requested. I would love to someday make a living off of my creations, but if not then I'd enjoy working in a costume shop or as a dresser.

Yuki and Remshe: Nerdy Shop - Artists

Two folks who love to craft and want to share it with you nerds.

Jen Talley Art & Design - Artist

Jen Talley makes art for people who like stuff. Her simple and colorful designs are geared toward pop culture fanatics, social justice warriors, superheroes, kids, everyone in between. She is a bestselling artist on Redbubble and TeePublic, as well as producing her own line of prints, magnets, and buttons for sale at jentalleydesign.com. Her work has been featured on Buzzfeed and the fashion blog Go Fug Yourself, and appears in the anthology "Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World" from Algonquin Young Readers.

Popular Designs Handmade - Crafter

Popular Designs Handmade is a small business that specializes in creating eco-friendly paper goods. Repurposing comic books, magazines & maps into one-of-a-kind gift bags, gift tags, gift bows, greeting cards and wall art.

Lions of Michigan - Service Organization

Lions are an international network of 1.4 million men and women in 210 countries who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world.

Amber Marie Art - Artist

Art is my passion as well as my gift. My name is Amber Marie Wilson born and raised in the city of Detroit, Michigan. My skills as an artist date back for as long as I can remember. Art is as much a part of me as my right hand is attached to my wrist. To be without it would be like losing a limb. I’m currently studying at the College for Creative Studies, majoring in Entertainment Arts which dives within the realm of film, animation, and game design. I specialize mostly in character design and enjoy working with dry mediums such as prismacolor pencil and dabbling in other projects with the use of Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Photoshop and After Effects.

That1girl - Artist

I believe that nothing handmade is with out one or two very small flaws. I try to make things that i would buy or use. 
I spend many hours on my creations with various types of materials many upcycled that I can not get again making my products one of a kind and very special!

Nyeisha Hutson-Legette - Artist/Creator

I'm a 25 year old Cosplay maker. I specialize in robes and bathrobes.

Ursula and Donovan Bruxvoort - Artists

Hi! My name's Ursula. I'm here with my younger brother Donovan to showcase our art to you all. We kinda grew up with art stuff happening around us all the time, our mom being an artist and art teacher and our dad doing puppetry at Dreamland Theatre in Ypsilanti. But, we've never done anything like this before...ever. So this is kind of the next step for us. So, we are really glad to be here and I hope you enjoy!

A.R. Easterling & K.P. Wing - Artist/Writer

A.R. is a long time artist who has worked on breaking into the webcomic world recently. K.P. is a long time writer who decided to collaborate with A.R. to create Facade. Creating a world that makes us questions how society is right now is actually a big part of what we are doing. We enjoy creating comics and hope to get out there and make a voice.

Jesse Rubenfeld - Artist

Jesse Rubenfeld is an illustrator and painter living in Ypsilanti Michigan. He can usually be found in his subterranean studio, surrounded by way too many toys and drawing tables. He received his BFA in drawing from Eastern Michigan University.

ypsiGLOW - Community Arts Organization

For the second year, WonderFool Productions teams up with the Ypsilanti community to host a month of art-making and community workshops that culminates at ypsiGLOW, a light-filled celebration in Downtown Ypsilanti. At sunset on Friday October 27th, Downtown Ypsilanti GLOWS with hundreds of community and artist creations, for a night of dancing, pulsing DJ music, interactive art activities, black-light stations, street performances, glowing window displays, and more!

ypsiGLOW will take place on Friday, October 27  from 6:30PM-9:30PM on Washington St between Pearl and Michigan

Ypsilanti District Library Teens - Artist/Writer/Photography

We are a creative teen and young adult advisory group. We meet, work and volunteer regularly at the library to hone our talents from digital art, graphic design, photography and poetry.

Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living - Non-Profit

The Ann Arbor CIL offers hope, provides support, and transforms lives through dedication to success of children, youth, adults, and seniors with disabilities at home, at school, at work and in the community. We provide services throughout our region of Michigan in Washtenaw, Livingston and Monroe counties.

Lunabunneh - Artist

Hello! My name is Mierra. I'm a digital artist, crafter, and gamer. I'm from Detroit but I moved to Ypsilanti about 3 years ago and I love it here. I've been drawing since I was starting highschool but I was always fascinated by how game designers could put so much detail into small pixel designs (sprites). Then one day I found perler beading and I thought immediately it was the perfect craft for me.

826michigan - Non-Profit

826michigan inspires school-aged students to write confidently and skillfully with the help of adult volunteers in their communities. We provide drop-in tutoring, field trips,  writing workshops, in-school writing programs, and publication opportunities for s tudents in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. 826 was founded on the principle that everyone deserves the opportunity to become a better writer and build a better future, and we are proud to offer our student programs, events, and activities completely free of charge.

Capital City Comic Con - Convention

Capital City Comic Con is greater Lansing’s first comic convention, committed to providing the best exhibition of Comics, Collectibles & Creators in Greater Lansing & providing support for our Community.

Kenzie Lynn - Artist/Writer

Kenzie Lynn attended Eastern Michigan University and graduated in 2014 with her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. She has been showing her work in international juried exhibitions as well as solo shows since 2014. In October of 2015, she co-curated her first group exhibition, and after exploring residency programs across Europe, she returned home to Michigan. She currently works for First Fridays Ypsilanti, and hopes to publish her comics about women-astronauts in space very soon.

Communities That Care of Ypsilanti - Non-Profit

CTC of Ypsilanti is a coalition using the Communities That Care system to promote positive youth development. We use local data to bring the latest prevention science to our community in order to help make Ypsilanti a great place to grow up and thrive.

Sara Loughrige - Writer

A Michigan born and raised author, Sara's first novel was published April 2017. The Knights of Andrion Series features four books each from a different character's perspective in the fictional kingdoms of Andrion. Book 2, The Archer, is slated to release in 2018.

Ozone House - Community Partner

We are the only agency in Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and the surrounding areas) that provides free, confidential, and voluntary shelter and support services to homeless youth including runaways and high-risk youth ages 10-20 and their families.

Youth Arts Alliance - Non-Profit

Youth Arts Alliance! (YAA!) provides creative arts workshops inside juvenile detention and residential treatment facilities in Southeast Michigan. The creative spaces we make have facilitated incredible impact through taking positive, artistic risks while exploring the issues that have brought youth into the Juvenile Justice system. Youth tell us they feel safe and free to express themselves.

Evin Green & Christopher Atkinson Jr. - Artist/Writer

Evin Green is a teacher at Plymouth Canton Education Park. After working on the story of NIVE's adventures for years, his former student, Christopher Atkinson Jr., agreed to use his formidable artistic talents to bring to life a comic about an English teacher who suddenly finds himself with super-human powers and a desire to make the world safer by fighting crime in the Detroit Metro area in "The Hero Down the Hall."

Vanessa Marr (Doc Yamsta) - Artist/Writer/Nutrition Educator/Food Activist

Awkward college instructor by day, Vanessa Marr discovered the secret to her super powers through healthy, delicious and FUN foods! Whenever she transforms into Doc Yamsta, the kitchen turns into a lab and boring vegetables take on a life on their own to strengthen the communities she loves.

Emily Riesbeck & David Mitchell- Writer/Artist

We are Emily Riesbeck (writer) and David Mitchell (artist) creating superhero comics starring queer and trans women. Our goal is to present authentic stories of these identities and to provide much-needed, positive representation in a genre dominated by one type of hero.  We love what we do and would love to release pages of our comic more often. We are indie comics creators and rely on reader support to keep going! Contributors will recieve high quality .pdf files of our comic, access to exclusive monthly prints, page-by-page commentary from the author herself, as well as bonus, non-canon mini-comics.